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System and user time zones

Sancho Leath 6 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Laura Jimenez 5 years ago 11

I could not find a UE thread or release note on this topic. Is anyone aware whether this issue has finally been fixed in the latest 8.x patches?

While the settings allow to differentiate between System and User time zones, this has not worked since its inception. Example: System time zone is the time zone of headquarters. User time zone varies depending on where the branches and vendors are located, or where you are currently working from if traveling. IP sets the User time zone. But to avoid confusion when working over several time zones, the System time zone is supposed to standardize time entries (project planning, deadlines, vacation planning, work logs, etc.).

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I thought that User time Zone was dependent on the timezone set in your user account and not on IP info?


You are right, there is no mapping between remote IP address and XTRF time zone.

Could you please expound on what determines System and User Time Zones?


@Marek: Is there any update on this? For any LSP using XTRF in different branches and countries, this is a most critical issue. We are working from three different continents and our to-do lists and reporting is unreliable because of this persisting issue.

XTRF was clearly designed (see screenshot) to allow users from different time zones to work together on a central company time (Main Time Zone), but it hasn't been working right since its inception. Is XTRF actively working to fix this?

@XTRF: Time for a bump on this question, especially since I just saw the following item on the release notes for 8.2.3:

DEV-9091Smart Project - GeneralBug: Client Deadline calendar in smart projects overlay

I tried right away, but the system and user time zones are still not distinguished in XTRF. Please provide an update.

We've actually are now working with PMs in a number of time zones and this is becoming a bigger issue for us. 

Tell me about it. Our PMs in the Americas constantly have to add hours to the on-screen XTRF time and do the math in the head. Just leaves a lot of room for errors, especially when things get hectic. I am stunned this bug is not fixed yet. XTRF supposedly supports a differentiation into system and user time (see screenshot in original post).

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@Sancho the item you're mentioning was an UI issue with overlay text when the calendar pop-up was displayed in Smart project.

Not related to this topic.

User Time zones in Smart Projects is a feature that is present on our Roadmap but it is not prequalified for production in the nearest future.

Thanks for your reply. You said it is not prequalified for production. But the feature already exists in the system (see screenshot in original post) in the Settings of XTRF. It's just a matter of it not working. Wouldn't that be considered a product debt or bug instead of a new development?


The setting you're mentioned works in classic projects but not in Smart. We consider it technical debt in Smart Projects.


that settings doesn't work in classic projec either. We have the same problem with our overseas PMs, they have to edit times manually in the PDFs.

See this example: