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O365 Add on (Excel)

Robrecht Belien 6 years ago in Home Portal updated by Martynas Juodis 5 years ago 10


I really love the google sheets add on to get the smart views.

Are there any plans to create the same for O365 (Exel) ?

If not I'm willing to develop it and maybe someone would like to help.


Multiple Change in Views

Laura Jimenez 4 years ago in Home Portal 0


Would you find useful to have the Multiple Change option in the Views configuration?

For example: what if you create a new user group and want to share with it a few of the views? Right now there is no other option that doing it manually one by one.

Image 1307


How to place all languages in the same PO

Marcela 6 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects 0

Hello. We recently did a DTP project with 25 target languages. They were all worked on by the same designer. When it was time to issue the PO, the system wouldn't let me do it unless I created a PO for EACH language individually. I wanted to just have all languages in the same PO so I could issue a PO for the total amount for the vendor. Is that possible? Thank you!


Job evaluation by proofreader

I like the 5-point scale job evaluation because it is useful and very simple at the same time. But it looks like this feature was built with the intention of having the Project Manager enter the evaluation. I would much rather have the Proofreaders enter the evaluation for each translation job - ideally in a way that the job can only be moved forward to the next status once the Proofreader has entered the evaluation. That way we would collect evaluations for each and every translation job, without any hassle for the Project Manager.


Vendor availability accuracy

Sancho Leath 6 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 6 years ago 1

Vendor availability is a useful parameter for PMs when planning projects. Based on the productivity of each vendor and the assigned jobs, the remaining availability for the vendor is displayed as a graph or percentage. Has anyone else come across the following issues and are these bugs or is there a workaround?

  • If a job is accepted but does not specify a volume yet (e.g. project announced by customer without volume info), the availability of the vendor for the estimated time period of the job is completely blocked, i.e. the availability is down to 0%. The same is true for editing jobs that are specified/billed by the hour once the job is finished. Rather than completely blocking the vendor availability when the volume of the job is not known yet, the availability should either remain unaffected (until volume is entered for the job) or a more sophisticated indicator for unspecified volumes is used (color, pattern, asterisk, etc.).
  • Vacation days entered by vendors block the availability on those days. The current issue is that XTRF does not use calendar days (e.g. June 20) but hourly ranges (e.g. 00:01 to 23:59 of June 20) for this blocking action. Due to different time zones, one vacation day as entered by the vendor now registers as two vacation days in the Home Portal (e.g. June 20 and 21). I believe this is a known issue, as the time zone bug has been on the list for a long time. But since development seems to be driven by voting now, I wanted to get this out to the UE community.

"Send Welcome Email" and "Send Password Reset E-mail" :)

NAKOM Linguistic Consultancy 6 years ago in Home Portal updated by Dennis Rosenbaum 2 years ago 6


Our team considers that it would be an important improvement of XTRF if you included the options "Send Welcome Email" and "Send Password Reset E-mail" in the providers section that are already available for customers. This functionality would allow us to contact new providers and send them an email to reset their passwords.


Thank you :)


Package quotes

Here is an idea - when customer request a quote often he doesn't know all the options available. For example, he request a translation (in his understanding it's a service with only one job type) via email. But we instead provide him with a package quote with different options to choose:

  • translation only
  • translation + revision
  • translation + revision + QA, etc.

Of course we can indicate those as different services and workflows in the system. 

But the idea here is to give customer a possibility to choose directly from the e-mail/portal the option that best suits his needs and indicate the price for each option. 

Then, in a perfect scenario he chooses the option via 1 click and PM receives notification and quote is converted into a project with selected service.


What are your thoughts on this?

How possible is this scenario? Maybe someone has some advice or workarounds for this?

Searching answer

Work log (time tracking feature)

Katie 7 years ago in Home Portal updated by Eva_vR 2 years ago 39

Has anyone used the add-on feature of the work log, where users can track how much time they are spending on different tasks? If so, do you have any thoughts regarding its usefulness and accuracy?

Thank you!


Provider price when selecting provider

Robrecht Belien 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Myriam Garcia 7 months ago 2


We currently only see the word rate when looking for a vendor in smart project.

For almost every project the CAT analysys is already available. So it should be possible to show the total purchase price and margin.
I've seen this in other TMS. Is this possible in Xtrf or is in on the roadmap?



Gae 4 years ago in Home Portal 0

I’m here to ask somebody ur opinion.

I’ve found out that “tab” INSTRUCTIONS FROM CLIENT” doesn't support formatting images and it is a simple text editor.

Does somebody think that could be a good idea for ur business too, to be able to copy and paste also some pics/screenshot?

XTRF’s support asked me to bring this discussion here:

Yesterday 09:36

Hello Gae,

Thank you for contacting XTRF Support Team.
Unfortunately, "Instructions from Client" doesn't support formatting images. As you wrote it is a simple text editor. However, If you think it is a good idea for the business to have this feature in future releases, please share your thoughts on UserEcho.

Kindest regards,

Thanks! ;-)