"Send Welcome Email" and "Send Password Reset E-mail" :)

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Our team considers that it would be an important improvement of XTRF if you included the options "Send Welcome Email" and "Send Password Reset E-mail" in the providers section that are already available for customers. This functionality would allow us to contact new providers and send them an email to reset their passwords.


Thank you :)


I see two cases here:

  1. New providers can be invited to Vendor Portal from the Home Portal vendors view - you can select several and send them an invitation to join VP.
  2. When they need to reset their password, vendors have to click the "I forgot my password" link on the login page. It is then handled by the Vendor Portal.
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

We were thinking of using the "Send Welcome Email" for vendors who registered long time ago and to remind them that they are registered in the vendor portal and their login details.

We think both "send welcome email" and "send password reset e-mail" would be more accesible if they had their own options as they do in the costumers section.

Agreed! We frequently have old vendors struggling with the portal who ask us to reset the password or help them log in, even after we tell them the correct email address associated with their account (so that in theory they could reset their own password). Being able to send a password reset from the PM side would be a nice option for the tech challenged vendors versus the current workaround of deactivating a vendor contact, then reactivating and "inviting" them.

As is the case with me. The portal simply decided that my password or username is wrong, and I get no e-mail (not even as spam) when clicking on I fogot my password - which I didn't. I need to check the deadlne for a project, it's Sunday, no PM is availbale and I can't do anything.

Hi Rafael, contact me at konrad.chmielewski@xtrf.eu and I will see if I can help.


Most of the times that this happens is because the vendor portal is on a different url than the home portal.
For us the urls are like this:
Home portal: https://[company name].s.xtrf.eu/

Vendor portal: https://[company name].s.xtrf.eu/vendors

Those two look slightly different, but almost the same

When you then enter your Vendor account details in the Home portal url, the system will not recognize your account.
And when you request your password nothing will happen.

Maybe @XTRF, you can add some checks that when a vendor tries to login in the home portal and there is a vendor account, you will redirect them to the vendor login page.