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How to cancel/reject quote that was approved by the client by mistake?

How can we cancel a quote that the client approved by mistake so they don't need it? 

Olaf Staszkiewicz 7 years ago


However it cannot be cancelled, each classic quote can be simply deleted - which removes it also from Client Portal :)


changing to smart view

Marwa Rezk 7 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 7 years ago 5

How t change my Admin view to be smart view?


OK, it makes sense now :)

Go to top bar's question mark (?) menu and click on Try our new Smart Views


Automating opening projects

Aida Martirosyan 7 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 7 years ago 6

We have raised this question before as well but still...
Our clients send us work orders which have list of movies they want to order along with language pair, movie duration, service requested, etc. Currently the project managers are opening one project for each work order and each movie is one task. Opening a project which has 30 tasks in it is time consuming. A good solution would be getting XTRF to read the work order (can be easily saved as xml) and creating projects automatically (we already have per service workflows). 
Anyone else facing similar issue or would like to automate project opening?


Hi Aida,

To me it looks like a perfect use case for a Smart Connector.

Its role is to start new project or quote based on a repetitive information, or on data stored in a separate file like the XML you mentioned. A connector like this can monitor and capture file uploads to a folder on server disk or in a mailbox.

Here's a YouTube link to our 30-minute webinar on the subject: 

And if you are interested in a more technical intro, follow this link to our Help:


Automatic receivables for a 2 step workflow


I have created a few workflow that have 2 steps in them:

Translation + Proofing

Translation + Editing


I have added both jobs to be part of the receivables, but still, when I use the workflow, I only get the first stage (translation) as a receivable and I need to add manually the second step.

Any advise why is that?


Olaf Staszkiewicz 7 years ago

Sure Michal. The quantity will never be copied, but it can be imported from another receivable or payable in this language combination. This is how we deal with such situations.

Keep in mind that the Receivable is automatically added to the task, so that's why there is one instead of two. All additional ones must be added separately and manually.

I can also suggest leaving one receivable, and using Translation + Proofing and Translation + Editing Job Types to label it properly. It will require creating new rates, though it may be faster way to then creating receivables separately in the longer period of time.

Searching answer

Using a Smart Project, how do I automatically assign users to the documents in memoQ, other than using Auto-assign?

Jaime Zuniga 7 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Kaspar Kaup 7 years ago 3

I have set up a Smart Project in XTRF which is linked to a memoQ project template. I have Job Offers set up for my vendors in the Smart Project. I send the job offers and the vendor accept and they are automatically assigned in XTRF, but not in memoQ. These same users are also part of the memoQ project template, so they appear in the People section, but they are not automatically assigned, as per the assignments in XTRF.

Please let me know if what I am looking for can actually be done.




How do I get final translated documents in a smart project?

Jaime Zuniga 7 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Olaf Staszkiewicz 7 years ago 4

I am trying to get translated documents to automatically show up in XTRF in a smart project. The process I am using only has 3 steps, file prep, Translation (memoQ) and Review 2 as Proofreading (memoQ). Upon finishing the files in memoQ, and marking the step as ready in XTRF, the project closes, but no Translated Document files appear in the Files section. In the process, the last step, Review 2 as Proofreading (memoQ), is set to deliver Translated Documents.

What am I missing to make this work automatically?

Please help!

Jaime Zuniga

Olaf Staszkiewicz 7 years ago


To download documents back from memoQ, a Vendor must be allowed to work on Bilingual Documents. Even though the file commonly put into the project is a Source Document, it is immidiately converted to a bilingual, when sent out to memoQ. So to make it possible to edit when it comes back to XTRF, Bilingual must be made editable.

When this is done, now there is a memoQ-specific option. Showed box must be checked in. It is to be found in Process Designer, on the bottom of the page. 

Check your settings, so they match. If the issues remain, contact rather our Service Desk,as this is the generic answer - and they provide very specific one.


Where can I change memoQ analysis settings in a smart project?

Jaime Zuniga 7 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated 5 years ago 5

I am trying to change the memoQ analysis settings for a smart project and the only place that seems to change the settings is in Configuration - Integration - External Systems, which would affect all memoQ analyses for all clients. Is there another way for me to set the memoQ settings to be used in a smart project other than the above location? For every project I am looking to have 2 different analyses (using different memoQ settings) for every language.

My current scenario is for a client with 20+ languages so I am trying to avoid having to upload individual CAT analysis files per language.

Olaf Staszkiewicz 7 years ago

Thank you for the explanation. Currently, Smart Projects are not as much adjustable as Classics and the memoQ analysis can be pulled only from the Configuration>Integration>External Systems.


Split Files

Is it possible to split files between vendors working on the same project?

Let's imagine a project that needs at least 2 translators working on each file. In this scenario, the file needs to be split into 2 or 3 parts (they can either be equally divided or not). Only 1 translator will be responsible for each part. Is it necessary to split the documents locally and to upload each part to the project (uploading 3 files instead of only one), or is there an option to split a file that has already been uploaded to XTRF?


Change from Classic to smar

salah tarek 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Will Yao 2 years ago 2

how to change my XTRF from Classic to Smart