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How we can link large size (500MB or bigger) deliverables to the relevant task in XTRF?

Maria Terilidou 6 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Marcin Jakubowski 6 years ago 5

Is there any way we could upload large size (500MB or bigger) deliverables to the relevant task without them taking so much space?


Reason for Rejection with Description

Monika 6 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 6 years ago 1

Hello, I have a question: when the client rejects a Quote, there is a drop-down menu for "Reason for Rejection with Description". There are multiple options that you could choose to explain why the Quote was rejected. I am wondering what does it mean "Walked away" - does it refer to the client, who walked away? OR to the LSP that did not follow up? It's not clear enough how to understand it.

Thank you for your help!



When is project confirmation is sent to client

Hi, there is an event in Xtrf to send an email:

E-mail/Text Message to Client: When project confirmation is sent to client

When is this fired? Or is it only manually when you click on the edit and send button?


Assign invoice number/upload file for multiple invoice specifications

Alexandros 6 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 6 years ago 3


Is there a way to add the same actual invoice (assign the number and upload the file) for several provider invoice specifications? 

Sometimes a vendor sends an invoice for 6-7 specifications, and we have to go into each one, add the number and upload the same file many times. It would be more reasonable to select the specifications and have a button on top which would let us add a single invoice (number and file) for all of the selected specifications.

Under review

Modify Volume in a project

Can the Volume (source word) in "Project" be modified in e.g. page or any other value? 


non confirmity ERROR WHEN SAVING

Every time when I update a client complaint or a non-confirmity in a task I almost always get an error message when I save the error.

Konrad Gorszczak 7 years ago

Hello Berber,

Can you please address this issue to our Service Desk or alternatively, contact directly you Account Manager.

Thank you in advance.



Under review

What is the regex syntax to include a specific folder name when creating a bundle?

I have a folder structure which contains many subfolders, and in each folder the filename is the same, but I only need to import files that are in specific folders.

For example, consider if I had 3 folders called EN, DE and FR, and they all contained files named file.txt. So, I am looking to create a bundle that only finds file.txt when it is in the EN folder, The rest can be placed in the Remaining files bundle.

I can write a regex that finds file.txt, but I am having a problem figuring out the correct syntax to include the folder name.

Any ideas?



XTRF Academy - Join the Revolution - Free implementation!

Nick Briggs 7 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 6 years ago 3

@XTRF - Are there any plans to grant access to the automnomous and free "self-training package composed of video guides and easy-to-follow instructions" for existing users as opposed to just those signing up for the new XTRF Small Teams Edition? 

We would be interested in access to these on an ongoing basis.


Although Maciej's comments remain true, we have decided to open XTRF Academy to all our existing clients. (If you struggle getting this access, please contact Service Desk.)

I hope you, the XTRF veterans, will see it as a chance to get to know Smart Projects and when you already use them, it will help you onboard new hires.

Our promise is to keep adding new content for your proficiency in XTRF use. Thank you for your support in these efforts you showed us so far.


How to create a report with the total amount Invoiced, month by month?

Hi, I would like to have, in the dashboard section, the sum of all the Invoices I sent, by month. Is that doable?

Thanks a lot!

Jussi Rautio 7 years ago

You can create a widget with the invoiced sum of current/previous month, but I do not think there is a way to group invoice sums by month. You can of course create a separate view and a  widget for each month but that's a bt cumbersome.


Difference between Admin User and Super User in XTRF

Sancho Leath 7 years ago in Home Portal updated 6 years ago 5

In recent days I was made aware that XTRF differentiates between the admin user, which is used by the XTRF customer to configure the system based on LSP needs, and a so-called SuperUser. This was the first time I had heard this term. Apparently there are certain actions that can only be performed by this SuperUser. This is rather confusing and not quite logical to me. Why have a system admin that has restricted rights, rights that cannot be granted in the user section of the XTRF confiuration? One example where this showed up is that only the SuperUser has the right to delete several database entries (such as invoices at once). The admin user can only delete one at a time?!?

@XTRF: Would you mind explaining the reasoning behind this approach? If there isn't a good reason, could you please give the admin user the same right as the SuperUser, effectively doing away with the SuperUser?

Looking forward to your feedback.



There is the original 'admin' user in every XTRF, yours included. You can't delete it or edit its name. 

Then, any additional users can be included in the Administrators group. Their user rights will be just a little bit limited. The ability to delete multiple entities at the same time from a browse is one important difference. 

In short, you do have the 'super-user' rights with the original admin user. We don't really use the term 'super-user' in XTRF terminology by the way.