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Svitlana (Proftranslation LSP) 7 years ago in Home Portal updated by Łukasz Kaleta (Senior Customer Success Manager) 6 years ago 10

Here is an idea - when customer request a quote often he doesn't know all the options available. For example, he request a translation (in his understanding it's a service with only one job type) via email. But we instead provide him with a package quote with different options to choose:

  • translation only
  • translation + revision
  • translation + revision + QA, etc.

Of course we can indicate those as different services and workflows in the system. 

But the idea here is to give customer a possibility to choose directly from the e-mail/portal the option that best suits his needs and indicate the price for each option. 

Then, in a perfect scenario he chooses the option via 1 click and PM receives notification and quote is converted into a project with selected service.


What are your thoughts on this?

How possible is this scenario? Maybe someone has some advice or workarounds for this?

That is an excellent idea, one that we would definitely like to see implemented as well.

Our workaround so far has been to generate quotes outside of XTRF - unfortunately. This feature of sending one quote with different options would be a game-changer.

you have my vote for this one! We now work with a different quote per configuration, creating redundancy... Excited to read XTRF's point of view

XTRF has this one covered by Opportunities.

Every Opportunity consists of at least one Offer. Each Offer represents different conditions of a deal and links to exactly one Quote, ie. Service/Workflow. Your client can compare all prepared Offers and decide which one would be the most appealing for them in an email. As you present the Offers and present them to your client you can determine the status and probability that the particular Offer will be accepted.

I would rather move this topic to the Q&A forum now.


I would like more information on this because I may be using Opportunities wrong then. In my experience, using opportunities still requires multiple quotes that all get emailed separately, and rather than getting a single quote with multiple options, they get multiple quotes with little context. So far, we haven't found creating multiple quotes under opportunities that helpful. But again, maybe I'm using it wrong.

If I could, I would vote for this item, but it seems that voting was disabled...


I feel the same. There is a button in the opportunities that let's you send out all offers in the opportunity at once, but there is no 'edit & preview' step - it immediately sends out a mail with all quotes as attachment. 

Any info on how to use this properly would be much appreciated.

OK, we will prepare a quick guide then in the Knowledge Base section and when ready, I will share it here.

Only the email template is modifiable, not the actual email before send out, that is something I can confirm. It is the regular "When quote is sent to client for approval" message with a #foreach loop to make reference to all the offers in that opportunity.

I would suggest creating one offer with a linked quote first, and then duplicate the quotes with adjustments to service and workflow details. 


Thanks Lukasz!

What are your plans to further develop this module? Two things that would come to mind are:

- Do provide an edit/preview before sending out the email. Especially when sending out multiple offers for the same job, it would be useful to be able to customize the associated email to provide explanation for instance.

- Fix the 'Duplicate offer' option, as it's a bit mixed right now: it seems to duplicate the quote without taking into account any changes to the workflow made (instead it seems to build the quote again according to the workflow definitions). At the same time, the linked Memsource projects of the first offer are also included in the duplicated offer, even though that workflow is not started. I first need to delete those linked projects from the new offer before I can start the workflows of the duplicated offer. So, to summarize: some parts from the original offer that I would like to have duplicated, are left out, while parts that I would not like to have duplicated, actually are... I see room for improvement ;-)

I have moved your suggestions to the Ideas forum. They are concrete and they can be upvoted now by the crowd here.