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bundles to multiple jobs - classic view

MindyK 1 year ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 1 year ago 5

I would like the output files from Job A to be sent to the following: Job B, Job C, Job D (yes, these can be started at the same time). 

I would then like the output from Job B, Job C and Job D to go to Job E. Is there a way to do this with bundles? 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Mindy, from what I understand, you need to split 1 Job type (Translation) between multiple providers. Let's say you need files from Job A (File preparation) go to Job B, C, D at the same time. And those Jobs (B, C, D) are the same Job type (translation).

What you need it first add more bundles for your working files, if you need 3 linguists to work on the translation, you need 3 bundles: work files 1, work files 2, work files 3. You need to split the document(s) that needs to be translated into 3 as well and then adjust bundles accordingly:

1. Work file 1 -> goes to Job B

2. Work file 2 -> goes to Job C

3. Work file 3 -> goes to Job D

After the translation is done, you need to adjust bundles so output files from job B, C, D - go alltogether to job E.

I recommend you to read about it here:


Attaching a print screen that shows more less how it's gonna look like in classic projects.

I hope that I helped.



Hello Monika,

Thank you for this, this is close. Let me provide more specifics. The output files from 1 translator, actually need to go to 3 inputs - 3 jobs will happen simultaneously, using different pieces of the translators output (for example, Job A will be formatting of the main file; Job B will be formatting the graphics, using the graphics text (an additional file); Job C will be voiceover for an audio script, which is also part of the translation bundle. Once Jobs A, B and C are completed, they will go to compilation (Job D), where all 3 pieces are needed. As a result, I need the outputs for translation to go to all 3 jobs (A, B, C), and then the output from Jobs A, B, C to be the inputs for Job D.

The entire translators output can go to all 3 jobs (A, B, C) and those people will pick what they need.

I need to be able to create a workflow template to use, so I cannot stack jobs in a workflow, so I have to make Jobs A, B, C start at the same time. If you can show me how to create a workflow where I CAN stack jobs, this would be easier, but I can only stack jobs once the project is created and not in the workflow config.

I hope you can help, as I know this is not easy.

Best, Mindy

Hi Mindy, I understand what you are trying to achieve. The challenging part here is that it's a Translator that should be uploading/dividing output files between 3 bundles, and I am afraid this is not possible. The only workaround I can think of is that you add those 3 bundles (Work file 1, Work file 2, Work file 3) to the Workflow Definition, and also adjust the flow of the files (bundles) correctly, and once the Translator delivers the files, you (or PM) manually downloads them and upload them back/split them into those three bundles. That said, you would need to mark those 3 jobs (A, B, C) as "not start automatically" so it gives you time to do this manual file-splitting. And after each job A, B, C delivers, the files would go together to Job D. To sum up: this can be somehow set up on the workflow definition level, but always there will be a need of a PM to manually split the files into 3 work file bundles before starting the jobs A, B, C. Not much time though.

Does it make sense? I hope I helped :)

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You can consider a scenario like this one. 

In this setup, Translation feeds Editing, DTP and Sound Effects (disregard labels, it's just an example of different jobs), which contrary to what you expect from the graphics - will run in parallel. The reason for that is that each of them feeds on translation only and will start when translation is ready (it is the only job preceding, because for Sound Effect, neither DTP, not Editing are input and so on). See below. 

The bundles (there is actually 1 bundle only!) are set up like this, so that Editing, DTP and Sound Effect jobs have the 1st tier empty, but they feed in the 2nd tier from Translation. 

Hello Maciej,

Thank you! This is EXACTLY what I needed. Best, Mindy