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XTRF memoq - update Translation Memory


I just wanted to check how others use the Resources update function in a XTRF/memoQ project. For example if I have 2 TMs attached to a memoQ/XTRF project, but only want to update 1. Do I always have to deselect the other one in the External Systems->Resources or is there any other way to avoid this and set a rule that defines which TM should be updated and which not?

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SMS to Vendors

Irina I 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by YURII 2 years ago 8

We want to start using the integrated text message service, but I have a few questions.

Can we send SMS from the vendor's profile or only from quotes/projects/invoices? We'd like to be able to contact our vendors to check their availability for potential projects.

I understood that only templates can be used, but can I create my own templates? I don't have credentials for opening / editing templates. 

Thank you!

Irina Ionescu


Custom Fields in Feeback Report


regarding the Customer Feedback section, we miss two important fields, let's name them as Importance and Type:

Importance: to categoryze the importance of the Client Complaint as low, medium or high.

Type: to clasify the client complaint as a Grammar, Terminology or Style issue.

BUT, we've just realized we can not create Custom Fields at Feedback Report scope.

Would there be other solution?

Would someone find these fields usefull?




Vendor Productivity field values

Popie Matsouka TG 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Mikołaj Pastuszko 3 years ago 2


does anyone know how I could change the "Vendor Productivity" field values in System Values : Advanced > Job Types, for Translation or Editing etc? It seems the "basic" job types are un-editable, whereas the rest are fine.

Thanks in advance!


Mikołaj Pastuszko 3 years ago

Dear Popie,

This issue was fixed in our newest version of XTRF.

To upgrade your software please go ahead and contact our Service Desk with that request!

I hope it helps!

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Locking receivables in tasks which are invoiced in third-party system

Krisztián Király 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 3 years ago 2

Hello everyone!

A happy new year to you!

I wonder if anyone has experience with integrating third-party invoicing solutions into XTRF.

Since Hungarian jurisdiction doesn’t enable us to use the in-built invoicing of XTRF, we turned to a third-party service. We managed to build a connector and information is exported on a task by task basis. The third-party service can also call back and write information into custom fields, like invoice numbers, for example.

One problem posed by this solution is that we don’t create any invoices in XTRF, thus the invoiced receivables are not locked, and the already invoiced items can be modified later, which is causing problems in our workflows.

The XTRF dev team recommended to use a periodic job to create dummy invoices, but when we delete an invoice from the third-party system, we would need to remove the affected tasks from the dummy invoices as well, which is not possible using this solution.

In short, we would need a method to lock receivables based on invoices in a third-party system.

Did any of you encounter similar issues before? Would having this option help you with your implementation?

Many thanks for your input in advance.



Add groupmail to CC for a project

Wim 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects 0


I am wondering how we can add a groupmail address to CC for a certain project so the people in the groupmail address can follow up on the project.

I know there is the option to add a Project coordinator besides a Project manager, but what if we want to send this to a groupmail? (Just making an account for a groupmail would use up an XTRF license.)

Adding the mail address to CC in the templates could work, but then all the mails for all projects would be forwarded. I only want to forward the mails in case of emergency when the PM in charge is out of the office.

Thank you in advance.



automated e-mail to clients

How can we include the task name in the notification e-mail the client receives when their task is ready?


How we can link large size (500MB or bigger) deliverables to the relevant task in XTRF?

Maria Terilidou 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Marcin Jakubowski 3 years ago 5

Is there any way we could upload large size (500MB or bigger) deliverables to the relevant task without them taking so much space?


non confirmity ERROR WHEN SAVING

Every time when I update a client complaint or a non-confirmity in a task I almost always get an error message when I save the error.

Konrad Gorszczak 3 years ago

Hello Berber,

Can you please address this issue to our Service Desk or alternatively, contact directly you Account Manager.

Thank you in advance.




How to create a report with the total amount Invoiced, month by month?

Hi, I would like to have, in the dashboard section, the sum of all the Invoices I sent, by month. Is that doable?

Thanks a lot!

Jussi Rautio 3 years ago

You can create a widget with the invoiced sum of current/previous month, but I do not think there is a way to group invoice sums by month. You can of course create a separate view and a  widget for each month but that's a bt cumbersome.