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XTRF 8.6 - can't drag and drop files into emails from Documents module

Peter Kolar 6 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by S_P 6 months ago 5


We updated to XTRF 8.6 and now we can't drag and rop files into POs we send out to our vendors. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Or any other bug?

Kind regards,


Under review

In Classic Projects, is there a way to create a project template with the same client, instructions, and reference/terminology/work files?

Adrián Flores 1 year ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 1 year ago 4

We would like to create project templates in which the unchanging aspect were the client, the task instructions, and the reference, terminology or work files.

Can this be done in Classic Project?



Unless you post more requirements and the task becomes more tricky, there are several solutions:

a) create a model Project, categorize it appropriately, keep closed or always open and just Duplicate it case by case.

When duplicating, you still have these options to make the new Project a little different.

b) create a proper Project Template

It would hold the entire structure of LCs and Tasks but upon creating a new Project, you would be able to modify those. 

c) create a client-dedicated Workflow Definition. 

This option would not carry any language combinations or more complex structure, though.


How do you visualize nearing or missed deadlines in the Projects view?

Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Jelle Maes 2 years ago 2

Looking for best practices here. I know we can probably order a custom virtual column that would present the deadline and then have it colored in orange when the deadline is getting close and then turn red when the deadline is missed.

Curious to hear how all of you handle this.


Is it possible to add 2 specializations for a source document? E.g. legal + IT.

Documents usually include 2 interconnected topics: marketing + another industry; legal + IT etc. 

Is this achievable by adding a custom field? 


Can the ordering of tasks be changed in Classic Projects?

After the XTRF 7 update, the ordering of tasks has been changed, and now our classic projects look like this:

On the one hand we can't really decipher the pattern, while on the other hand, our PMs vastly prefer the regular ascending order of tasks.

Is there a way to set this back to an ascending order?

Many thanks for your tips in advance.


Good news, everyone! This issue has been fixed and will be available in the upcoming releases of versions 7.0.x (tomorrow) and 8 (this week).

Under review

Do you use different workflows for freelancers (translator job, editor job) versus agency (translator & editor job)

Angelo 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Sancho Leath 3 years ago 20

Do you use different workflows for freelancers (translator job, editor job) versus agency (translator & editor job)?  We use agencies sometimes to help handle large volume.  I was wondering what other LSPs did in these circumstances in XTRF.


Virtual column to view project invoice status

ellen.digby 2 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects 0

I would like to view the invoicing status (i.e. whether a client invoice has been created) in a project view. I know that client invoices are created per task, not per project, and therefore this is task-level information that cannot usually be viewed at the project level. I don't have much experience in creating virtual columns and wondered if anyone knows if I might be able to create a project view column where it would display "Fully invoiced" if all tasks within the project have the status "invoiced" (i.e a client invoice has been created), "Partly invoiced" if some of the tasks within the project have the status "invoiced" and "Not invoiced" if none of the tasks within the project have the status "Invoiced"?


Wordcount in Provider notification e-mail

Aude 6 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 5 months ago 2


I would like to add the taks volume in the e-mail notification sent to the provider when starting a job?

I can be hours or wordcount depending on the type of job.

Many thanks in advance!


Notification emails - Calculate Difference Between Days?

Alexandros 1 year ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Thijs Senten 1 year ago 10

Hello everyone,

I wanted to try an idea where we would "remind" customers about upcoming payments before the invoice is overdue.

We would do this by using an #if in the reminder email to check if the current date is X days before the expected payment date and we would then use a different text, something like "Please remember that your invoice is due on XXX".

However, I am having trouble subtracting dates in XTRF (in fact, I am having trouble getting Dates and not strings to work with).

I would assume it would be done with something like:

#set($number_of_days_before_due=$utils.sub([GET_EXPECTED_PAYMENT_DATE, $now))

But I cannot find how to get the expected payment date. I would have assumed it was $customerInvoice.getExpectedPaymentDate() or

$customerInvoice.calculatePaymentDueDate() but that does not work. 

Does anyone have any ideas or pointers?


First Delivery Date no longer populates when closing a Task

Donna Meyer 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Tino Hother 11 months ago 10

Since we updated to version 8.2.4 the First Delivery Date (old Delivery Date field) no longer auto populates when the task status is changed to close through the workflow. This is a huge administrative issue for us to have to go back to the Main Data tab and manually enter this date and negatively impacts all of our On-Time-Delivery reports and metrics that are run for Clients and Management. Is there a correction for this that anyone knows of?


Hi Donna

Yes, that is my idea because of what I've checked in the previous version of the system both those fields were populated automatically at the same moment when the status of the task was changed to Closed.

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