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imposible to dearchive rejected quotes

Laura Jimenez 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by mark 1 year ago 5


would anybody find necessary the possibility of dearchiving rejected quotes?

Recently, we have learned that an archived rejected quote can't be dearchived.



Yes, Monika, you are correct. 

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Clear job deadline, multiple change - Classic

MindyK 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Thijs Senten 2 years ago 5

When a project comes into the Client Portal, all of the job 'deadlines' are populated. Since it comes in as a quote, these deadlines are not even valid. But these are also showing up in the vendor portal as pending jobs, which is misleading to vendors. Currently, the only way to clear these dates is by manually updating each and every job, within the workflow. When you have 19 languages and many jobs (since it has to go to DTP as well), this can take hours. 

Is there a way to do a multiple change to 'clear' the deadline? If so, please advise how you can do this, as we can only 'add' a deadline in multiple change, not clear it. 

Another option would be to have 

1) the deadlines NOT auto-populate, especially since you can not directly add a project (you must add a quote), 


2) have an option to populate the deadlines - yes or no. I hope someone has a suggestion!

Best, Mindy

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Quote accepted by client then cancelled...

Sometimes, clients know what they want, make a decision, then think over and cancel their decision...

So when a quote gets the status "Accepted by Client", how can we go back to "sent" then go to "rejected" status?

We couldn't find an easy way, except deleting the quote, changing quote numbering scheme, creating the quote again, reject it and above all, don't forget to chang the quote numbering scheme to initial number...


It seems like the problem is keeping the numbers in order, not how to handle a quote, which the client had a second thought on. If they do, the only way out of 'Accepted by Client' is in fact deleting the Quote. 

There isn't any better solution, I am afraid.  Numbering schemes will have gaps, eventually, unless you can handle them manually, which you prove to be able to.

By the way, we have recently added an additional stage for the client to confirm their decision. It is no longer just the link in the email, but also a simple confirmation page, so that perhaps it's going to give them a chance to make sure what they want. 


Evaluation in Jobs list

Laura Jimenez 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 2 years ago 4


would someone usefull to have a column with the evaluation in the Jobs list?


Deadline of last job no longer the start date of next job in XTRF 7 Classic Projects?

Krisztián Király 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Alexandros 2 years ago 7

I've been playing around with XTRF 7 on our test instance, and I've noticed that when I set the deadline of a job in Classic, the system does not offer me the option to change the start date of the next job.

I've seen that this is the default behaviour when using Smart projects, but this was a great functionality in Classic projects, our PMs used it a lot to make their work faster, and since it was optional to begin with, I don't see why this was removed.

Not to mention that adding this feature to Smart projects was already suggested here by Sancho.

I know that Classic project users are in a minority, but will any of you miss this feature in XTRF 7?


Hi Marek,

Thanks for checking. That might indeed be the problem. To be honest, we almost never use the selection calendar, typing is much faster.

I can confirm that it works when using the calendar.

So I guess this turns into a bug report, typing doesn't trigger the automatic set date and time. :) 


Refresh input files for multiple tasks?

If I have to add reference files after tasks have been sent out to translators, I'm finding myself having to click on "Refresh input files" for each individual task. This can get very tedious when the project consists of some 25 languages. To make matters worse the workflow page reloads after each click, and I have to scroll back to find where I was before. Surely there must be a smarter way to handle this?
Like a button on project level to refresh input files for all tasks?


Mandatory evaluation of suppliers

francois.massion 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Viktor Mizsei 3 years ago 4

We would like to make the evaluation of translators mandatory (with a free text comment), because sometimes project managers forget to do it. As it is apparently not possible yet we have setup a task in the workflow. The problem is that apparently a folder with the name f this task is setup automatically, which is disturbing. Has so. a suggestion on how to solve this?


Match payable with receivable


I'm confused how this option should work. We are using classic projects and in almost all cases the Trados CAT analysis uploaded to the receivables is also valid for the payables.

If I go to the workflow configuration, it is possible to set the payables option for a job to "match with receivable". However when I then create a new quote with this workflow, import the Trados analysis under receivable, it is not automatically copied to the payables section for that job.

Is this not what this option is intended for?

Bet regards,



File Upload Failed... (Transport endpoint is not connected)

Tanja August 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 3 years ago 12

Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? Has occurred in various projects. No changes to computer other than a recent Firefox update.


Please contact our service desk if you have not already:


How do you plan future projects?

Since it's impossible for the client to upload files to a project that are already planned (even though it's not started), how do you plan future projects? Let's say you know a client are going to send you a text for translation on a specific date. The best thing to do is of course to create the project, send out the request and plan everything in advance. But then the client cannot use the client portal to upload the files, since the project is already created. Then we're back to the emails again.