Finance card

Finance card

The Finance card contains all the financial information about a project. It comprises the following tabs:


The tab presents such data as the overall profitability of the project, the margin obtained as well as the return on investment rate.

Receivables and Payables tabs

The tabs are used for defining the receivables or payables per language pair and/or job type.

Please find detailed instructions on adding payables and receivables to projects under the following link:


On the Rates tab you can check which of the client and vendor price profiles were used for calculating the receivables and payables in the project.

Invoicing Terms

This tab contains an overview of the client and vendor invoicing conditions (such as: whether the language combinations/jobs are invoiceable, what tax rate will be applied, whether the job/language combination has already been invoiced, and so on). For clients, it is also possible to add a project invoice directly from this level by clicking on the Add Invoice button.


When the project is opened, you can use the Prepayment tab to add a project prepayment. Click on the Add button and in the pop-up window displayed specify the value of the prepayment, its due date and the clearing mode.

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