How to define payables or receivables for my project?

Payables and receivables can be defined in the 'Finance' card of a Smart Project.

To define correct Payables and Receivables in Smart Project, you need the following elements:

  • Project with defined language combinations
  • Volume of the Project (the amount of source words)
  • Price profiles of both Clients and Vendors with competencies that are matching those in the Project
  1. Go to your Smart Project and in the 'Languages' card verify if languages are added.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Finance' card or click the panel on the left to navigate. In the 'Finance' card there is an overall view which displays a dynamically generated list of Total Cost and Total Agreed.
  3. Click on the Receivables tab and Add Receivable.

  4. When Receivable is being added, XTRF pulls data directly from Client's Price Profile, and if it matches criteria, the rate value will be filled in automatically. These criteria are:
    • Job Type 
    • Calculation Unit
    • Language Combination
  5. A Job Type can be changed using the drop-down list.You can create separate Receivables for translation, proofreading, editing or have them combined. 
    Also 'Rate Origin' is a way of checking if the rate value was taken from a Price Profile or was put in manually.

  6. Overall tab now displays the total agreed. Now go to Payables
  7. Adding Payables in XTRF requires creating a separate entity for each of the Jobs that are present in Project.
  8. Financial details of the project are now set. The last part is to check Overall sub-tab once again to make sure that everything is set up correctly.

It is also possible to automate this process in XTRF. For more information go to:

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