How to use CAT analyses for defining payables/receivables

The financial information on a project, be it the amount the client is charged or the sum to be paid to the vendors, can be provided in two ways — either manually by entering the volume or using the CAT analysis generated by a CAT tool.

The CAT analysis can be added to the project at two different levels: directly in the Receivables or Payables tabs in the Finance card, or on the Files card.

Adding the CAT analysis on the Receivables and Payables tabs

Go to the Finance card and click on the Receivables tab. The following view will be displayed:

Click on the Add CAT Receivable button. In the pop-up displayed, you can choose a CAT tool used to generate the analysis: SDL Trados, XTM or Other.

The option Other allows you to upload an analysis file from another CAT tool, such as memoQ, Memsource, Wordfast, etc.

Click on the Upload Analysis File button. The analysis will be added to the Finance card, and a detailed breakdown will be displayed.

Also, the total amount the client will be charged for the project will be calculated based on the CAT analysis and the rate defined in the client profile.

To add a Payable based on the CAT analysis, go to the Payables tab on the Finance card and click on the Add CAT Payables button. It is possible to upload a new CAT analysis or import the CAT analysis already uploaded on the Receivables tab by clicking on the Import All from Receivable button.

Adding the CAT analysis on the Files card

The CAT analysis can also be uploaded on the Files card. Click on the Add Files button or drag and drop the analysis on the card.

In the pop-up displayed choose the correct file category (CAT Analysis) and the language pair it refers to.

Next, click on the Add Receivables Using CAT Analysis or Add Payables Using CAT Analysis buttons in the top right-hand corner of the Finance card:

Select the job type and calculation unit and check if the CAT analysis is associated with the correct language pair.

Click on the Add Receivables button. The total amount to be paid by the client will be calculated based on the analysis selected.

Perform the same operation for Payables by clicking on the Add Payables Using CAT Analysis button.

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