dividing word count on different linguists

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Hi There

When we try and split a process what we mean is to divide the word count on 2 linguists or more, what happens is that the task is duplicated and all the vendors have the same word count which equals to the total word count of the project. this may result in wrong payable information at the end of the month. i guess we are not using the right option for our purpose, to summarize, if i have a 1 phase simple translation project with the word count of 1000 words, how can i create 2 jobs for 2 different linguists 500 words each?


If you do not use memoQ integration, split job with the same language combination as described in https://xtrf.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/6/articles/433-how-can-i-split-jobs-in-a-project

Hi Lukasz 

Thanks for your response, We do not have memoQ integration, when we use the split job option it allocated the total word count on both tasks while in fact i want to allocate a portion of the word count on each resource, how can we resolve this?

Thank you for clarifying.

Each job will be have their own payable and the payables will have to be modified accordingly. That is done on the Finance card, Payables tab. I hope that helps.

OK thanks, so all will have the same word count but different payables, got it now.