Automatic Vendor Invoicing

In order to automate the process, go to configuration's Periodic Jobs. It is not a setting available to everyone: your plan and user privileges have to allow that.

When creating a new vendor invoice in XTRF Home Portal manually, the PM is presented a form with a To be Sent status with the selected jobs as items. The default recipient (Send Invoice to field in the lower section of the page) is the one who is defined as the Accounting Contact Person in the vendor's profile. If the vendor profile is complete with data such as Payment Terms and Payment Method, the invoice is ready for send out.

Go to the  Configuration Menu > Integration > Periodic Jobs. Search for "Invoicing" and if you get no results, add a new Vendor Invoicing periodic job. Then find the sections explained below.

Job Configuration

  • Invoice Status:
    • Postponed – suggests it is suspended because of unresolved issues.
    • To be Sent – the initial status for manual invoicing. If you are looking for full automation, refrain from leaving this setting as is. However, if you want invoicing to be less robotic and always add a personal touch to every email, then this is the way to go.
    • Sent – makes sure a newly created invoice gets sent to the Vendor for confirmation. That is our recommendation for a fully automatic approachIt requires from Vendors to take action via the Vendor Portal: fill out blank fields and upload the actual invoice file.
    • Confirmed – this status indicates the Vendor has filled out the missing data: Invoice number, date, payment method, and uploaded their own invoice file.
    • Bill Received – invoices in this state do not require any further action from Vendors. Normally, the next thing that happens is payment.
  • Vendor Invoice Responsible:
    • Select a specific Home Portal user responsible for billing.
    • System Default – someone selected to be that signatory in the 'Invoicing' tab of the general Vendor Settings.
  • Payment Terms:
    • Pick a particular term.
    • Use Vendor Payment Terms – follows the settings from the Vendor Profile.
  • XTRF Macro Executed as a Post-action:
    • A technical option meant for e.g. exporting data to files.
  • Job selection filter:
    • Select a specific Jobs view from all available to you (your private ones and the shared ones alike.)

Execution Configuration

  • This section lets you specify, how often this action is triggered.

Periodic Job Statistics

  • If this periodic job has already run for some time, you will learn from here when was the last time it worked, if errors occurred etc.
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