Vendor Work Log

This feature enables vendors to declare the time they spent on their job.

Once it is on, the following Job Manager Settings are available to the administrator in configuration of the Vendor Portal:

BTW In-house vendors are the ones with "In-house" checkbox ticked - see for details.

With this option turned on, when vendor delivers a job in Vendor Portal, they are prompted with "Log time spent on this job since last time logging" as shown in the following screenshot:

The expected formatting is a number followed by "h" for hours or "m" for minutes, eg. 1h, 35m, or a combination of the two, eg. 5h 15m

If job is reopen by Project Manager, vendor should only enter the time they spent after reopening of the job. All entries will be summed up automatically. XTRF collects them in the Home Portal's job as separate payable items converting them to decimal entries using the Calculation unit for payables from the screenshot above.

Selected Availability Vendor Portal Worklog

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