Setting communication language for Clients

Setting correct language is crucial to correct cooperation with your Client. This includes language of e-mail notification as well as document templates.

Setting correct language of notification for main Client Account

  • Go to the Client profile
  • Go to the Main Data than to System Accounts sub-tab
  • Preferred Language for Interface and E-mails is the way to set up a default language for e-mails for main profile as well as for interface of Client Portal
  • Press Edit Prefereneces and select language you want to communicate with your Client

Setting correct language of document templates for Client

  • Go to the Client Profile

  • Go to Main Data than to Templates sub-tab

  • Select the active document template language 

Setting correct language of notifications of Client Contact Person

  • Go to the Client profile
  • Go to Contact Person of which you want to change the language

  • Go to Preferences
  • Switch language to the one you want to use
  • Even if the main profile is set up for the different language it will use this setting in the first place
  • It affects both e-mail as well as Client Portal

Configuration Languages

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