Notification of notes from vendor?

Meghan Cooper 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Donna Meyer 3 years ago 3

Is there any configuration to trigger an automated email notification when a vendor leaves a note on a project (located: Task > Job > Instructions > Notes from Vendor to PM)? Or a view that would showcase this easily. We frequently have projects with 45+ language combinations, and it is not feasible to look in each job to see if a note is there (and vendors sometimes leave notes there instead of emailing us, assuming we will notice). This is referring to Classic Projects.


Agree with this! Since the notes view has the synopsis of all notes sent TO vendors, shouldn't there be an easy way to do this FROM vendors?


Couldn't agree more... As of now, this feature does much more harm than good... Especially because it cannot be DISABLED on Vendor portal :( 

We insert "mailto:" links into the instruction for each project to provide vendors with an easy way to notify PMs.


You could create a View in the Jobs page similar to this and pre-set it with the Project number you are following. Then set up a Periodic Job - to email you that view data as frequently as you like to see if there are updated comments. Or just keep that view open in a separate tab and refer to it periodically.