Margin 1 and 2

Åsa H 2 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 2 years ago 2

We work in Smart projects.

To be able to measure costs, we have added our PM:s as "vendors" (Linked with users) and add a cost for project management for each project. This means that the calculated magin in xtrf includes both internal and external costs. Now we are looking for a way to create a report for the margin after external costs only, as well as one after external and internal costs. That is, Margin 1 and 2.

Any suggestions to how we could do this?



The key here is whether all your internal vendors are marked "in-house" in XTRF.

Once this is done, I can imagine a custom column that uses that data and calculates margin for the external vendors only. I think our Customization team could create something like that for you.

Okay, thanks. Yes, they are marked as "in-house".