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I'm confused how this option should work. We are using classic projects and in almost all cases the Trados CAT analysis uploaded to the receivables is also valid for the payables.

If I go to the workflow configuration, it is possible to set the payables option for a job to "match with receivable". However when I then create a new quote with this workflow, import the Trados analysis under receivable, it is not automatically copied to the payables section for that job.

Is this not what this option is intended for?

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Service desk answer:

It will work in 7.0 under some conditions.  In 7.0 the configuration on the workflow job will look a bit different:

And selection what you see above could work for you. The requirement is that the Job type of the step in the workflow must match the job type of the Receivable which you create with the CAT analysis:

The job type here must match the Job type of the receivable: