Locking receivables in tasks which are invoiced in third-party system

Krisztián Király 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 3 years ago 2

Hello everyone!

A happy new year to you!

I wonder if anyone has experience with integrating third-party invoicing solutions into XTRF.

Since Hungarian jurisdiction doesn’t enable us to use the in-built invoicing of XTRF, we turned to a third-party service. We managed to build a connector and information is exported on a task by task basis. The third-party service can also call back and write information into custom fields, like invoice numbers, for example.

One problem posed by this solution is that we don’t create any invoices in XTRF, thus the invoiced receivables are not locked, and the already invoiced items can be modified later, which is causing problems in our workflows.

The XTRF dev team recommended to use a periodic job to create dummy invoices, but when we delete an invoice from the third-party system, we would need to remove the affected tasks from the dummy invoices as well, which is not possible using this solution.

In short, we would need a method to lock receivables based on invoices in a third-party system.

Did any of you encounter similar issues before? Would having this option help you with your implementation?

Many thanks for your input in advance.


Hi Krisztián!

Did you consider integrating with the invoicing system of XTRF?

We also have the same limitation here in Hungary, and we solved it by creating invoices in XTRF, but legally, we call them "Teljesítési igazolás" (Certificate of fulfillment). We modified the templates to show this text on generated PDFs.

This works quite well with vendors and customers, we can automatically generate half of the legal paperwork required by Hungarian tax authority.

Then, XTRF's invoices should be integrated with your third-party invoicing system, so that you could also remove the XTRF invoice whenever you delete an invoice in the third-party system.

BTW: how did you integrate XTRF with the third-party invoicing system? So far, we didn't need it (fortunately, we release some 20-30 invoices per months), but I'm absolutely interested in it.

Hi László!

Our original solution was to create the invoices in XTRF and use the CSV-export feature to create input for our invoicing software. That did not allow us to automate the process, however.

Now we've found a software developer company, who offer an enterprise management system, and can also use the Home API to access views from which to automatically import information, and keep the two systems in sync. It works really well with the high volume of invoices we have to create, so we wouldn't want to discard it. In case you're interested, I can tell you more in private.

Our only problem is locking the receivables now. We can of course display information for our PMs, that a receivable has already been invoiced, but the ideal solution would be to prevent any accidental modifications of the records.

Unfortunately, it seems that this cannot be set by a macro, for example.