Integration between XTRF and a client-based XTM installation

Tino Hother 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Serena 3 years ago 4

Dear xtrf team,

XTRF seems to have a good integration with XTM. According to your knowledge base this integration works with xtrf as the triggering party, meaning that a quote or project created in xtrf triggers the creation of a project in XTM. We would like to know if that integration can also be used the other way round, meaning a quote created in the XTM installation of our client automatically triggers a quote in our XTRF system.

Kind regards,


Under review

Hi Tino,

Such scenario is not supported. 

I understand you would like to not only create a corresponding project in XTRF based on XTM's, but also enjoy the rest of the integration benefits in the course of processing the project, correct?

Hi Lukasz,

Yes, We would like use the rest of the integration benefits as well.

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Initially, I thought a smart connector could do, but that would only be good for starting a project and nothing more.

Having a complete 2-way sync between XTM and XTRF would require a major development which is not currently in our plans.

This is something we would benefit from greatly, as well.