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I was wondering if it would be possible to add several Contract Numebrs to one client in XTRF. You can only add one at the moment.

The reason why I am asking this is because we currently have several clients fow which we have several contracts. The client wants us to add a Contract Number on their Invoice, but we can only add the one in the Clients profile.

A possible solution would be to include this option in the "Add Project" tab so that our PMs could select, which contract number is to be used.

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For such scenarios, I would immediately think of something called Budget Codes.

They are defined per client and selectable when starting a new project.

When you speak of Budget Codes, are you referring to XTRF client-specific customizations? Or are they specific to the Add Project page? Just want to make sure I understand correctly. Because we would greatly benefit from adding Client Contact Person on the Add Project page, and since I am not sure when this will be an out-of-the-box XTRF feature, such Budget Codes might cover this need as well. Could you please expound? Thanks.

Yes, they are XTRF client-specific customizations that you choose from when creating a new quote or project.

Look for them on any client's Sales Data tab.

Add at least one budget code (or contract number, or contact name) and save the client account for changes to take effect.

After you do that, try adding a new quote/project. The moment you select the client, a forth field for Budget Codes will appear at the bottom of the page.

I can't see the Budget Codes either. Does this still have to be activated for our instance? We are on 6.10.7.

And a related question: Does this replace the previously discussed out-of-the-box improvement to add the customer contact person as an additional field on the initial Add Project page?

Hi Lukasz,

Budget Codes would be the solution for us in this case, but we cannot find or enable them anywhere.

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Hi Lukasz,

Am I missing something, I can't seem to find the Budget Code area:


Sorry, guys, I took it for granted, but this feature needs to be activated on the license.

Please contact your respective Account Managers to learn more about how to enable it.

As far as I am informed, it is an optional feature on the Professional plan.