Integration with Trados - How do you use it?

Corrina Galetza 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Jussi Rautio 3 years ago 3

We saw that we can integrate XTRF with our Trados version. However, I noticed that there are some issues. We can only integrate local Trados (we have Groupshare on Cloud) and that the integration works only for classic projects, something that means we would still need to individually assign receivables and payables since the system (with classic projects) doesn't assign them automatically. Can you please share your experience with Trados integration into your XTRF system? What do you use it for?


We used it, and yes it is only for classic projects. As I remember the receivables created automatically. We used a "local" trados which was installed to a server. However we stopped using it because it didn't save time. If your clients use the client portal or your quotes/projects are created without any human interruption, it can be a good idea. 

Hello Corrina,

We've been using Trados integration for years for all Studio projects and it is of great help.

1st we use it to get the analysis for quotes. Then we use it to have XTRF create Studio projects, created packages and get the analysis, open return package, create review package and then finalize the task.

We refined the integration use with multiple workflows, project templates, automatic resources... The PMs save a lot of time with this.

Groupshare is an extra integration that's available from XTRF, so you can assign GS users directly within XTRF, maybe you should look into this if you're using GS.



Our whole workflow is based on XTRF/Groupshare integration. It's a great time saver when things work as supposed to. With this integration all  the Studio package handling is done automatically so PMs do not need to create or open any packages manually.

You might want to wait until GroupShare 2017 is supported by XTRF. The lack of integration in Smart Projects is of course a big issue for us.