Best way to assign 2 or more jobs to the same vendor

Innovalang 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Marek Joniec (XTRF Product Manager) 3 years ago 1

Is it possible to assign 2 or more jobs to the same vendor? 

What is the best way to do it?

The Jobs card in the Smart project can show you the Gantt chart or the list of jobs. You need to switch to the List view. Depending on your system version select the button List:

It might look a bit different in some system versions. If you don't see the button click on the Settings button ( the cog wheel) and select the list radio button:
The view will change and show the list of steps in the process. Select on the list the ones that should be assigned to the same Vendor and from the Job Actions menu selects the option Select Vendor:

On the pop up you can select the Vendor the same way as you'd do it for a single Job and the Vendor will be assigned to all selected jobs.