Hi Amaya,

Due to the structure design, smart quotes cannot be deleted at the moment. As a workaround, try rejecting it and labelling with a category like 'invalid'.
It will be possible in the next major release of XTRF.

Best Regards

Great that it is going to be possible to remove smart projects and quotes. Do you have any idea when the next major release will be Konrad?


There is a little misunderstanding here, I am afraid. It still will not be possible to remove individual quotes and project, unfortunately. Please upvote this idea if you think we should give it a priority.

The functionality Konrad had in mind, though, will allow to wipe out all quotes and projects (smart included) before you go live with actual production.


I'm not able to upvote this.  It's important for KPI purposes to be able to delete things like test smart quotes.  This is not very smart...

Nice play on words Angelo.


we heard your pain here loud and clear. It has taken more time than we would like, but deleting smart quotes/projects is going to be possible in the upcoming version of XTRF.

So, no upvoting necessary for http://xtrf.userecho.com/topics/421-ability-to-delete-projects/


We are all hoping to have the version 7.0 released before the end of this year or sooner. Unfortunately, there is no official date yet.



We had asked something related via a support ticket, I´m opening a suggestion here: http://xtrf.userecho.com/topics/627-toggle-visibility-for-smart-quotesprojects-in-the-customer-portal/


I'm waiting for the ability to delete quotes and projects... It messes up our reporting and they show up on the client portal.