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I need to go back and update a lot of receivables from a lot of jobs. What's the fastest way of doing that?

Angelo 3 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 3 years ago 6

A lot of receivables had the wrong quantity, so now I have to go back and change all the receivables.  All the total agreed stay the same, so the invoices stay identical.  What's the fastest way of doing these changes?

Dear Angelo,

To begin with, we would like to point out that once an invoice is issued the receivables are locked and can not be modified.

Secondly, there is no 'Multiple Change' feature that would allow change of receivables.

Finally, quantity has a direct impact on total agreed. When the quantity is increased, total agreed would automatically go up.

Could you please let us know what exact outcome you wish to achieve.

We await your response.

Kind Regards


I'd like to put a suggestion that a "Multiple Change" feature for both receivables and payables IS added at some point.  When there are multiple tasks x 30+ languages that need to have a receivable entered (say adding 1 hour) this takes an exorbitant amount of time.

Hi Dannie,

This is a great idea, but destinated for the Ideas forum. So make a new thread please, as there is none in this scope.

we have a calculation unit "minimum charge" and quantity "1", which needs to change to "words" and quantity (the word count).  I have to make this change for all past projects where we did this, so that we can get more accurate word counts.  Thoughts?