How to avoid creating XTRF Temporary TMs during memoQ-XTRF integration?

Jaime Zuniga 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by S_P 2 years ago 5

How do we turn off the option to automatically create temporary TMs in a  memoQ project created through integration? We found that even if when the "Add Default Translation Memory if needed" option is unchecked, the temporary TM will still be created in memoQ.

I have created Selection rules for Workflow Resources, and the TMs are selected correctly in XTRF, but in memoQ, the temporary TM is always created and added as the Working/Master TM.

When will someone answer this question? Under what circumstance should a temp TM ever be created?


Temporary Resources are a kind of workaround for the lack of functionality in the CAT Tool itself which would allow updating TM after finishing the whole project. This is often important for translation agencies because segments which did not pass the proofreading should not always be available in other projects using the same resource.

The integration creates temporary resources (TMs/TBs) when a project is created in a CAT Tool marking the original resource as read-only. When the project is finalized the content of temporary resources is copied to the main resource.

Temporary resources after the project is finished should be deleted with caution because deleting them makes it impossible to re-open the project in case there is a need to do so.

Please note that memoQ integration with Classic Projects is older than the idea of Master/Working resources in memoQ and that is why this is still in use.

Temporary resources are created when:

  • The number of resources is different than 1 (working separately for TMs and TBs).
  • When flag Update After Workflow Completion in Task is on.

@Lukasz: Thanks for your take on this. Since your explanation of temporary TMs is directly related to project wrap-up in memoQ (triggering the transfer of temporary TM to master TM), when can we expect this API call option from XTRF to memoQ to be added to Smart Projects? Currently, wrapping up memoQ projects (and thus closing/submitting temporary TMs to master TM) is still a manual action.

You can do this through memoQ templates. Once you're happy with your memoQ template to be used in XTRF, simply add an automated action at the project creation stage to delete the working TM. This way the masterTM will be selected as the primary resource for that project.

Hope it helps,