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Using a Smart Project, how do I automatically assign users to the documents in memoQ, other than using Auto-assign?

Jaime Zuniga 3 years ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Kaspar Kaup 3 years ago 3

I have set up a Smart Project in XTRF which is linked to a memoQ project template. I have Job Offers set up for my vendors in the Smart Project. I send the job offers and the vendor accept and they are automatically assigned in XTRF, but not in memoQ. These same users are also part of the memoQ project template, so they appear in the People section, but they are not automatically assigned, as per the assignments in XTRF.

Please let me know if what I am looking for can actually be done.




You probably need to share the bilingual files with them via XTRF.


Not sure if my two cents are helpful as we use Memsource but the mechanics should be similar - users in XTRF and CAT tool must be connected with each other for the systems to communicate (there is a tab in Vendor -> Main Data -> System accounts - username in other system) which will link the vendor accounts so the users should be assigned automatically also in MemoQ.