"Virtual" vendors

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Some of our jobs (especially certified translations) need to be delivered in a physical form (i.e. printed out), so we use local courier services or DHL/Fedex/etc. for local and national deliveries. I'm calling them "virtual vendors" here for lack of a better term, since they don't have any use for notifications and payment/invoicing is done outside of XTRF.

We would like to add steps for such jobs to have our financial ducks in a row :). The problem is that the system requires all clients to have a unique (?) email address and sends notifications once these jobs are started/missed, which is not ideal. Is there a way to disable notifications for certain Smart project jobs? Or is there is maybe a more obvious way to handle such jobs that we're not seeing?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Grigori; thank you for posting!

Notifications can be disabled only globally.
If you want to keep each courier service as a Vendor in XTRF (to keep their rates at hand, I assume), they all need to have their unique e-mail addresses - even dummy addresses created just for internal use.
Another approach might be to add a Process Step with a specific job type to cover this part of the project internally. In the Process Template, you could assign a Default User to it - for example, Current Project Manager - that would add costs manually.

Thank you, Marta :)