Can you have number of selected items (languages) displayed ?

Brian Loftus 2 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Will Yao 2 years ago 1

Hi All

Would it be possible to have the number of languages we have selected displayed -ie a counter ?

For instance when I am compiling a project for say 24 languages -- it would be great if the number of languages I selected was visible above the selected items column. This way I will know if I missed one (or included one I didn’t need to)

Quote often the language lists we get from clients are not in alphabetical order (usually in tiers) so we have to up and down the available items list so could miss one if there is a long list of languages to be selected.

I do realise it will not prevent us putting in an incorrect language (English Canada instead of English UK) by mistake but having the counter there will help avoid missing a language altogether.




You could set up a virtual column to count the number of target languages, and place the virtual column in the project smart view.

I know this isn't immediately displayed on the page where you select the languages, but it could help you with validation.

#set($langcount = ${utils.unwrap($this).getLanguageCombinationsShortDisplay().split(",").size()})