Parallel diferent type of jobs

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i would have a question regarding parralel jobs in a workflow ( no matter if its about quote/project)

For example imagine client would send us Cad file and excel file. 

Cad files should be managed by dtp while excel file should be done by cattool depatment. 

I would like cattool to work on excel file while dtp is working on Cad file at the same time. How can i set it up in Workflow?

i tried by adding a worklow job but under the same job there could be only 2 same job types ( image attached , pls consider it just as example , i put twice external projetc preparation just as example)

if i add a job as non wordklow job then its not visible at all in workflow job.

could you please help me to understand if there is a possibility to have 2 persons working at the same time in a workflow without adding new task?

thanks in advance, 

Dusa Jovanovic 

Dema SOlutions SRL


I think you probably need to look at Project Workflows instead of task workflows.

See here: