How can I use a Task view in a Smart View widget?

Wouter van den Berg 3 weeks ago in Home Portal updated 3 weeks ago 2

Dear All,

I would like to have a smart view in my dashboard that displays tasks that are closed but not yet invoiced - a useful daily reminder to send those damned invoices. ;-)

However, this involves a Tasks views, and for some reason, the 'scopes' I get to choose views from, don't include Tasks.

Is there any other way to display a view listing invoiceable closed tasks on the Smart Dashboard?



The task scope in the dashboard is something that has been requested a number of times before, along with other improvements to the dashboard. Hopefully it will make a future release (and then, maybe not in the too distant future...).


I'd suggest to vote them up.

As some sort of workaround, you could maybe try a virtual column on a project scope, perhaps combined with a custom checkbox field to be able to filter on projects with non-invoiced invoiceable tasks. But just having the task scope available would be MUCH better.

Much thanks Thijs,

I didn't realize this is a well-known issue. Will definitely vote those topics up!