Search Filter for Tasks/Jobs so Multiple Changes can be targeted to only the Jobs I want across many languages

Will Yao 1 month ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 1 month ago 3

Would it be possible to add a search filter for Tasks/Jobs for a launched Project? For example, if I can search and view only Jobs based on Job name, type, or some other things.

It'd be useful to apply Multiple Changes across multiple languages without having to manually scroll through a huge list.


Hi Will, do I understand correctly that you would like to filter jobs directly in project? There is no such functionality in the system but I would recommend using task or job view. As you can see on the screen below you can filter out one project by its ID and then apply filters of your choice. Multiple change is available in such view.

Hello Martyna,

This view helps me a lot! But the task view does not appear in our instance.
I take this opportunity to ask if in this view of jobs, or any other that is more viable, it is possible to present the quantity (characters or the configured calculation unit) of the job, or of the task?
This is information that I have already searched for in all XTRF and I cannot obtain it in views and reports, neither by project nor by job / vendor. And it is something that we need to work with daily.

That's awesome Martyna! I didn't think of that :)

Is there a way to display/search for "Workflow Job" name instead of "Job Type" in the Jobs list?

And what is "Job Properties" and "Job Content Properties"?

Thanks so much for the suggestion!