Memsource vs MemoQ

Alexandros 3 weeks ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects with CAT integration updated by Mateusz Trzeciak (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 6 days ago 1

Hello everyone,

We are testing both the Memsource and MemoQ integration to decide which CAT Tool we are going to use.

During testing, we found that creating the exact same project in MemoQ is a lot faster than Memsource (e.g, one takes 10-15 seconds, the other over a minute a half). 

When using automated workflows through the quote request form, the times are closer (memoq is still faster). 

I was wondering if anyone can confirm these results i.e., does the MemoQ integration take less than 30 seconds to create most projects, while Memsource takes well over a minute? Could it be this is down to settings?

Hi Alexandros,

I'm afraid this is very difficult thing to answer. How fast integrated CAT Tool responds may depend on countless factors.
According to my knowledge, there's no possibility to cut down integrated CAT Tool reaction time by changing XTRF settings.