New to XTRF-memoQ integration — A few questions

Adrián Flores 5 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated 5 months ago 2

We just started running some tests (in a seprate XTRF instance) of the XTRF-memoQ integration feature. So far it's working great, but I have a few questions for those already familiar with it.

  • To what extent can we control what XTRF pulls from memoQ when creating a project and completing a step? XTRF is currently pulling some things we don't need (untranslated bilingual document at project creation) and not pulling things we need (translated bilingual document, QA report at every step)

  • Do you handle clients (other agencies mainly) who work with Trados Studio packages and expect return packages? How do approach these projects?

  • Is there a way to efficiently link usernames in external system in XTRF (as opposed to manually changing it for each vendor)? We can have a list of usernames in memoQ and a list of vendors in XTRF aligned, can we insert that back into XTRF in bulk?

  • (Off-topic) A similar question, but for vendor categories. If we create a dataset of categories —and vendors in them— in an appropriate format, is there a way to update XTRF's database in one go?

  • Can we modify the naming convetion for the project in memoQ?

Thanks in advance!


Those are all very good questions. The problem is that answering them will take more than a few sentences. You will be best served to have memoQ and XTRF guide you through the process with screensharing. We have managed to find solutions for all the things you are asking about, but it took us weeks and the support of both companies. If I had the time, I would offer my services.

Thank you, Sancho. I figured these would not have simple answers, but I have found answerw to some of them.

I tried reaching to memoQ support team, but they haven't been very supportive.

I still don't know how to change the naming convention for the project created by XTRF in memoQ. I tried changing the "Project name expression for CAT tools" under Templates > Expressions in XTRF, but it didn't have any effect.

If you can spare sometime to at least point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.