Able to adjust incorrect source file?

Meghan Cooper 6 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 5 months ago 2

I accidentally uploaded an incorrect source file for a workflow going to many vendors (Classic Projects). I had already started the workflow, but it was before sending availability requests and selecting vendors. I deleted the incorrect file as the source file and replaced it with the correct ones, but the vendors who won the jobs still received the incorrect first file (either as downloaded from the assignment email, OR on the portal). What is the recommended solution in a case like this?

Question here is from where did you delete that incorrect source file? Was it input files > work file? If yes then file was deleted from wrong place because it already was distributed to next steps in workflow. What I would recommend is deleting file from all started jobs and input files as on screen below.

Then reverting all jobs to open/accepted and start workflow again with new source file. Then correct file should be visible for vendors.


I see, yes that is where I deleted it from ( input files > work file). This project had 20 different vendors to whom the file went  - is there a quicker way, at least for jobs that hadn't been accepted for vendors yet? Or a way to do a multiple change without going into each job to delete the file? I ended up just emailing them all and it was messy as some jobs hadn't yet been accepted.

Could it be a future feature update where changing the input workfile would change it on the jobs it has been linked to as well (to me it seemed intuitive this is how it would work)?, or do you see strong cases against that?