Adding VAT to an invoice

Tony Casteleyn 7 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 6 months ago 5

Hi XTRF team

We are just wondering if you could help with a query with a provider's invoice. We would like to send a new invoice which will include a 20% VAT.  20% VAT has been added to the provider’s profile.

But the invoice is still showing without VAT… We have tried to change the rule, but it doesn’t change anything. The “multiply net total” rule didn’t work

We have also tried to remove the jobs from the invoice and to add them again, but it didn’t work… We would like this to be done without having to reopen projects.

I think you need to add VAT to the jobs and then it will show on the invoice as well.

Hi Thijs, thank you very much for your help. But we would like this to be done without having to reopen the jobs, would this be possible?

I think in Classic Projects you can do this without reopening the job. The jobs should be taken off the invoice first though.

I'm not sure about other solutions - maybe that's where XTRF should come to the rescue :-)

Vat is taken directly from vendors settings (global or specific for particular vendor). You don't need to reopen job to add them to invoice again. What Thijs is proposing is actually the easiest way to do some modifications. Please just remember that changes in XTRF don't work retrospectively so when changing something on invoice you need to remove jobs from the list and add it again. 

Thank you Thijs and Martyna for your help.