XTRF 8.5 integration with memoQ 9.2

Jason Esch 2 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by Bogusław Reich (XTRF Product Owner) 1 week ago 4

Can anyone confirm that there are no integration issues with XTRF 8.5 and the recently released memoQ 9.2? The changelog for memoQ 9.2 doesn't indicate that any API-related functions were updated, but I'd like to check before going ahead with the update. 

@XTRF: Have you already tested the integration with memoQ 9.2?

We're currently testing with 9.2 and there are issues. memoQ logged a ticket with XTRF and we're waiting.

Any news on this? We would like to upgrade our memoQ server. 

Compatibility with memoQ 9.2 is one of our top priorities for XTRF 8.6, which we are planning to start stabilizing soon.