Classic Dashboard - Filter options missing

sonia.sanchez@vengaglobal.com 3 weeks ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 1 week ago 9

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a Dashboard (Classic) view. I would like to modify the Filter options, and add additional filters in my View.

According to XTRF Knowledge Base, there should be a Filter Tab


However, it seems that Tab is gone in my XTRF (I am administrator, so I don't think it's a question of rights).

Can anyone let me know if this function has been removed from XTRF (so the available help is not correct), or is there some mysterious setting I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance!



Maybe you need to save the view first for the filter tab to become available?

I can actually see the tab, but the available options are limited to the extent of being useless. I'm following this topic with keen interest.

Hi Thijs,

Interesting that you do get to see it. At least that means that the function still exists. But no, even after saving the view, this filter tab is not among my options...

Is Last Modification Date your ownly option?

I will also eagerly follow in case someone comes up with the million dollar tip ;)

I'm sorry, I only just saw this. What you see above is indeed the only option we have.

I found out where to find the Filter settings. Not from Dashboard (where I actually created the dashboard view), but from Configuration. That was confusing.

Anyway, just as you, I can only add Last Modification Date, so indeed, that doesn't help much. It's a pitty, we were almost there to make it perfect.....

Thanks for bringing this up! I would like to ask about your versions of XTRF because issue might be a matter of system version. Thijs might use older one that's why tab is still visible. Classic Dashboard is as far as I know no longer supported and article you're mentioning is from 4 years ago and might be outdated.


We're on SaaS, so I hope we're fairly up to date...

As for the Classic Dashboard no longer being supported: that's news to us. Our PMs use it a lot, because it provides a level of overview that is hard, if not impossible, to replicate in Smart views.

We didn't realize it either. I agree that Smart Dashboard has some high-level value, but for PMs, it's that useful.

Does no longer being supported mean it will go away, or just not updated anymore?

Our version here is:

System Implementation8.5.3
Database schema version8.5.7
Build version8.5.3
Build date2019-11-28 09:13

@Martyna. What do you mean the Dashboard is not being supported? It is a very useful feature for PMs !! (except for the fact you can't add additional filters as mentioned above)

If the idea is to replace Classic Dashboard by Smart Dashboard, my personal opinion is that the Smart Dashboard is not very useful, Classic containing more powerful functionality, such as a better view of project / tasks / jobs status view with colors. Smart Dashboard is therefore not a good replacement for Classic. Are you working on something else?