Set delivery date of previous step as start date of next in Smart projects

Adrián Flores 8 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 8 months ago 2

In Classic projects, we had the option to set the Delivery Date of one step as the Start Date of the following step. Is this an option in Smart projects? If so, how would one go one setting that up.


In Smart projects you can use automation Automatic Job Dates. Basic idea is explained in automation description:

After entering Project Volume and no date has been modified, Planned Start Date and Deadline are set automatically based on the Provider Productivity value. If there is no provider assigned to the Job, the dates for this Job are set based on the Job Type's default Productivity.

You can define minimum job duration in automation or directly by step in process template. Hope that will be of any help to you.


Hello, Martyna.

We normally negotiate deadlines directly with our vendors, so the Automatic Job Dates feature is of not much use to us.

Thanks for your attention.