How do I stop vendors from receiving automatic emails at certain points in a project

Marcela 10 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 10 months ago 4

Hello! I just updated the file list for vendor A in my project, and Vendor B got notified as well, because the file got automatically shared with both vendors, even though it was destined only for Vendor A. The only way to prevent this that I know of is marking the file to be shared as "Other", so it doesn't get shared with anybody, and then sharing it manually with the vendors I want. Is there another way to do this? Thanks!

Dear Marcela,

could you please let us know how your process template looks like? Are we talking about one step - let's say translation - which is split for two translators or consecutive steps like translation -> revision?

Notification for that in the system is triggered When files are updated for currently started job so it shouldn't be sent when the other job is in status accepted.

The template is Translation>Editing>DTP, and both translation and editing were started because there were two batches of files, so while the translator translated the second batch, the editor edited the first one. So when I added a file for the translator, the editor also received an email, and this is confusing for vendors. Thanks!

Additionally in Process Template you can click on specific step/job and specify from where it receives work and/or reference files: