Supported file categories for bundle - is the supported/not supported attribute enforced?

Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 11 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 11 months ago 1

Hi, all,

Right now, when I create a bundle and set it up to only support a certain file category at input (Log, for example), I can still upload files, place them in another category and route them to this new bundle, which theoretically does not support that category.

Similarly, if I set up all bundles in a way that a certain category is supported only by one bundle, I can still freely route any category to any bundle at input.

Am I missing something?

Admin, we can close this. I got my reply from HelpDesk.

Turns out the support settings pertain only to automatically uploaded input files and input files uploaded to the Client portal. It does not actually limit the bundles a file of a certain category can be placed in. Poor wording in the UI.