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Creating Accounts that belong to a Client

Aly 11 months ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated 10 months ago 2


One of the things our PMs have to do is work helping clients on jobs that they are working on for their own accounts. To organize this, we want to find a way to create a new Client and connect them to our own existing one as an Account.

So for example, Client X does projects for Client Y and they outsource one of Client Y's projects to us. Is there a way to attribute the project to Client Y, while only notifying and invoicing Client X on the progress of the project?

Thank you!

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Dear Aly,

The solution I have in mind is to have a contact person from client X in the profile of client Y which might not be a possibility. You can deny those contacts access to Client Portal so they won't have any direct visibility of the projects this client did except the notification regarding this project. You need to make sure that those contacts are only selected (most likely by your PM) for those projects. 

Please let me know if this solution is acceptable. 

Best regards,

Dear Bartosz,

Thanks for your response and I'm sorry mine is coming a bit late. I wasn't notified when you answered or perhaps I missed the e-mail.

In any case, I'm afraid I'm not sure I understood your suggestion. The first part about having a Contact Person from Client X in the profile of Client Y seems unlikely based on how I understand XTRF and how it works. Even if I create a Contact Person called john@client-x.com in the Client Y profile, that same "John" would exist under the Client X profile as well, but would be seen as a different person. So if XTRF treats him like two different people, that kind of defeats the purpose.

As for visibility rights, that's the part I'm having trouble understanding. Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

Thank you!