How to access CAT resource outside XTRF

francois.massion 12 months ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Martyna Pałasz (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 12 months ago 1

I have an automatic workflow: Analyze - Prepare job - translate - Finalize/Update Memory

The SDL TM has been loaded in XTRF as a CAT resource

However we have certain types of projects ("XTRF-external projects") which use the same TM but are prepared the traditional way. We cannot maintain 2 parallel TMs or update TMs with segments from XTRF-external projects.

Ideally the TM would stay as a file on our server and be used by automatic projects and by external projects. I didn't find a way to do that. Has someone an idea?

If integration would use server based TM instead of one available from xtrf resources then I think this is only possible with Groupshare TM server. However, integration with GS would be needed alongside with Trados integration.