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Weighted words when no percentages are applied

Sandra Lara 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Martyna Pałasz (XTRF Deployment & Training Specialist) 1 year ago 5


If the CAT grid is like this:

How does XTRF get weighted words? It is more than total words, it makes no sense:


Under review

Hi Sandra, can you please let me know project number in which you're experiencing such situation? Then I will be able to check it in details, thank you!

Thanks for looking into this too, Martyna :) The problem above was detected in project: 2019/100. The problem below was detected in this other project: 2019/101

Hi Martyna, Yesterday I thought this could be due to the rounding policy. We have changed it and it seems everything is working properly. I will let you know if further questions. Thanks!

We have also noticed a similar problem with other weighted wordcounts. See here some examples: 

According to XTRF, the WWC is 401.13 words:

But according to our tool, it is 401.25 wwc.

Hi Sandra, this example above is from which project?

I checked grid in project 2019/101 and it looks like weighted wordcount is indeed 401,25 in receivables but this is the number visible in XTRF. Did you introduced any changes to this project since Friday?

When it comes to that small 0,02 word difference I'll report it as a bug.