Notification for partially completed project in Smart Projects

Katie 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects updated by Sancho Leath 1 year ago 4

Vendors have the option in their portal to click "I Completed Part of the Job", and once they do, they see a message saying "Thank you for informing us that you have already completed a part of the job." However the PMs are not informed; there is no notification available. Is there a way to set a notification for this in the system?

Does this notification only with Classic projects by chance?

Hi Katie,

for Smart projects,notification can be found here: Configuration -> Templates -> Notification -> Templates -> E-mail/Text Message to User: When vendor uploads files to job in Smart Project

This notification is sent when:

- vendor uploads a file and clicks "I Completed Part of the Job"
vendor uploads a file and clicks "I finished the job".

However, as this notification is set to be sent when vendor uploads files, it will not be triggered only by clicking I completed/I finished buttons.

Is there a way to add a notification when they click "I Completed Part of the Job" or "I finished the job" in smart projects without a file upload?

Unless they have added this (in my opinion necessary) feature in the recent months, the answer is no, unfortunately. Since the notification will be triggered by a specific action (separate button), it should be an easy feature to add.