Bugs in 8.2

Sancho Leath 1 year ago in Home Portal / Smart Projects with CAT integration updated by mark 1 year ago 16

How is everyone else faring with the newly rolled out 8.2.2?

We have come across some serious bugs (CAT analyses not connected to payables anymore, steps starting automatically even though they shouldn't). Are there any other serious bugs you have been experiencing? I think we need more eyes on this to be aware of what is not working properly ever since the latest release.


Studio cat analysis is not working properly for us too.

Yes, the CAT analysis is created properly, but no longer shows in the HP and VP. Even the automatic payables are not created based on the existing CAT analysis. So, when you send out job offers, the vendors have no idea about the size of the job. And the PMs have to manually recreate all payables because the automatically created payables are not populated correctly. Just mentioning this, so other users know about this before it hits the fan.

We're not even updated yet, but our system suddenly stopped accepting analysis files.

This turned out to be unrelated and not a bug on XTRF's side. Sorry.


It's absurd that as paying customers we spent so much time on bugs that should never be there in the first place.


Agreed. I start to believe that there is no regression (if any) testing done before releasing these "updates".

We also noticed that when a Vendor delivers in memoQ, the job is not updated in XTRF, so a Vendor now would need to deliver in the Vendor Portal as well. As the vendors are not used to this, this will cause a lot of missed deadlines for sure.

anyone implemented 8.2.3 already? How about the serious bugs this release promises to fix?

We're running on 8.2.3 since yesterday and it seems to have fixed our memoQ CAT analysis issues. Since some of the fixes are only active with newly created projects, we are still monitoring the other issues. That's all I can report for now.

Thanks for the update, Sancho. We're also eager to implement 8.2.3 on our installation as soon as possible. Hopefully the other bugs you experienced have also been resolved - the main one is, so that's good news!


8.2.4 is out. Is this version passable for production?

We would also like to know if this is an 8.2.x version we can install or if there are still bugs and we need to wait for a next version.

We've installed, and we're happy.

Note that we use Classic project WITHOUT memoQ integration.

So no problems/bugs then? (we also use Classic projects)

None discovered yet :) We are one day into production, and no issues yet.

We just got 8.2 and haven't seen any major bugs yet, but we did notice that in Smart Projects at least, they renamed Actual Close Date to First Close Date. This is making me update all my external data reporting connectors. :(