How do you deal with internal project files?

Reinis Straume (LMI:T) 1 year ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated 1 year ago 2

How do you deal with delivered files, such as unclean bilingual files, qa reports that many translators deliver, but that do not need to be shared with the client? We are looking for a sustainable way to keep these files in the system, but to also have them internal.

What you can do is assign specified files to bundles. In workflow definition you can have bundles for different file types (for example work file, reference file, log file) and decide which type of bundle should be shared with which step in workflow. For example only work file with clean translation can be shared with the client but all reports from translators can be under reference files which won't be visible to the client.

You can create new bundles in configuration > project & quotes > workflow definitions > particular workflow you want to modify > tab bundles. Specifying which bundles will be shared with which step is available in workflow graph tab.

Thank you, Martyna,

We ended up making workflow-step-specific bundles that can be used when (and if) the vendor delivers that sort of file (for example a qa report or an unclean document when the main deliverable is a clean file). That way we are also able to control whether the file is accessible to the next step in the workflow.