Scheduling of E-mails with Job Deliveries to Clients

Andres Romberg 4 years ago in Home Portal / Classic Projects updated by Meghan Cooper 3 years ago 3

I was wondering if there is a way to schedule the date and time when the delivery e-mail for a given project will be sent.  

Sometimes we are done with a certain job, but want to deliver it to our clients at the time we actually promised them, not hours (or even days) before... 

Is there any way for us to close the workflow, get the e-mail generated, and then have it sent at the time that has been assigned as the Deadline for the task? 

Thank you. 


Great idea. In addition to delivering on time and not spoiling the customer with early deliveries, we are working from different time zones and scheduled deliveries would be much better than sending our customers emails in the middle of the night  :o)   It always raises eyebrows.

No sure if a combination of macro and periodic job would work here. I can imagine that you need to have a view of all Jobs (Validation and Delivery) that you want to deliver (send files) to the client from XTRF Task Output. If you send on daily basis, that you set a periodic Job that scan your view every day, at 5pm PST and applies a macro = sends emails with attachments to the project Contact Person.

This is only what I assume that could work, but I am not an engineer :)

This would be a great feature!